SR.BRINQUEDO - Distribuição de Brinquedos e artigos de puericultura


Sr. Brinquedo, Lda
Plataforma Logística da Guarda - lote 77
6300-885 Guarda


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Tlf. +351 271 215240
Fax. +351 271 213006

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Sr. Brinquedo is a company focused on the children!

We represent and distribute several market leader brands in Portugal and Spain.

Our mission is to supply the parents with the means for children development and unique experiences with their kids, helping them to grow and learn in a joyful way.

We have a very knowledgeable team with years of experience in the toy business that covers Portugal and Spain entirely and in detail, supported by a strong back office, logistic and technologic tools that garantees an excelence grade service to our customers.

We select the best brands in each segment, which deliver quality at a reasonable price, and develop the appropriate marketing and channels for each of them.

All of this makes us the right partner to develop your brand in Portugal and Spain!


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